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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Instant Video Generator

(Armand Morin, Rick Raddatz, & Alex Mandossian's FLAGSHIP Product)

My personal sales are up over 68% from this time last month all primarily due to a couple of key components.

If you're not using Instant Video Generator for your business you might want to reconsider simply because of the fact that it could be money that you're leaving on the table. I'm still in the 21 day free trial period and have already seen a jump in my online sales...income.

Why is it such a valuable tool you ask?? Great question...

  • It immediately touches waaaayyy more senses the second someone hits the "play" button.
People like to hear a voice explaining their product and their passion, and personality behind the sales copy on your website.

  • The second reason why Website Video is so effective is because people can SEE you. They feel like they are meeting you in person! They instantly instill a sense of trust because NOW they've "met" and spoke to you.

Instant Video Generator is something that I would highly suggest to increase your bottom line profits. For a quick refreshers course on why video presentation is becoming such a huge phenomenon in the online world, read my last issue that talks about "Wikipedia".

Until then,

Elias C Callejo


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