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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Who is Elias anyway??!!

From the Desk of Elias C.
Tuesday, 2:35pm

My name is Elias Callejo.

I am a young guy in business yes, but I have also learned a lot of key things from my mentors that will help you become successful in this business also.

My story is a very simple one.

I am 26 years old, don't have a college degree, and have found success working for myself. I started looking at different businesses when I was about 21 years old. I tried many different businesses, mostly being disappointed by the results.

I don't blame them as scams, I just don’t think I had what it takes for success in some of those businesses. You might be able to relate to that yourself.

Most people have tried several different businesses before they find the one that's right for them. Don't give up!

I started out living in Hawaii and when I was 19 I moved to Los Angeles, California for 2 years. I returned to Hawaii where I started my career in Timeshare marketing.

Being a producer within the top 2% of my company I was living the life.

Shortly after being promoted to a management position, I received a call from my director who abruptly informed that I was being fired along with 2 other managers at the same time.

The craziest part about it was that I wasn't given a legit reason of my termination.

The most distressing part was that I was getting married in 3 weeks with a great honeymoon planned! I was distraut and devestated. I had to do some serious thinking and it had to be fast.

It was then I realized that i'd been working off 100% commission at my JOB the whole time when I suddenly remembered that a few moths earlier a good friend of mine told me about a 100% commission "BUSINESS" working from home.

I figured "eh, what the heck. Go for it!”

I immediately contacted him and to make a long story short, I got involved in the world of Multi Level Marketing. Within just a few weeks, I had my income from my MLM business matching what I was making at my job.

I was on top of the world with no worries and NO ONE could stop me! I was just waiting to collect my millions from my world class opportunity. After all, I had gotten involved within the first year of a "multi billion dollar company".

Needless to say, for reasons beyond my control my entire MLM empire came crashing down overnight. I found out that the company had gone out of business and the president & all of the top leaders ran off to another company.

From going to an Overnight 22 year old entreprenuer with no time clock, no boss, and no rules for almost 2 years I went right back to the help wanted ads in the newspaper.

Beggining at this point, this is where I went on to join nearly 20 MLM businesses and became what most would call an “MLM junkie”.

It just seemed like I couldn't get myself up to the kind of success I had experienced in my first business NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRIED OR WHAT BUSINESS I WAS IN!

I had become a true MLM junkie and had burned through my warm market with severe 3rd degree burns. It got so bad that I would pitch the same friend on a different "opportunity of the lifetime" within only 2 days time. it was beyond humiliating.

To make a long story short, I gave up on the "Home Based Business MLM" for a long time and minded my own business sitting in traffic, despising my 9 to 5 JOB every minute of the day.

This all changed when I was approached with something that really gave me hope again. After thousands and thousands of dollars on Personal Development, and Sales & Marketing courses, I had finally found something that overcame some of the biggest downfalls of MLM.

This is when I discovered a profound concept called G.P.T.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that MLM is the BEST industry in the world without question. However, the MLM industry as a WHOLE today is NOT what it used to be.

If that line you just read upsets you or builds some pretty serious curiosity you owe it to yourself to read the famous “Industry UNplugged” letter.

I was able to generate over $6,000.00 in my first 13 days implementing the concept of G.P.T.
That's not ALOT but compared to 90% of the MLM industry making less than $500/mo. that isn't to shabby. Wanna see proof? Click here.

This will start a chain of eye opening events for you and your perception of MLM as I share some insights on the industry with you.

Just contact me and I'll send your FREE copy of the industry shaking "Industry UNplugged" Letter so you can claim the secrets of G.P.T. for yourself.


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