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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Top producer vs. MLM junkie?

What is the difference between the Top Producer & the MLM failure??

The difference is, the people they talk to.

I'll make this quick & simple. I'm sure most of you have heard from others that you should run through MLM Genealogy lists and talk those reps into coming into your deal.

Many of us have tried that method and I'll be the first to say that it works...
If you're willing to make 100-300 dials an hour.

Here's the average breakdown:

80% of them will be disconnected

10% of them will tell you that they weren't distributors. they were just customers

5% will admit they were distributors and it was the worst decision they'd ever made.

3% who are at least willing to listen to your pitch.

The problem with this group is that for some unknown reason, you'll never get in touch with them ever again. Coincidence? hmmmm.

Then finally, we have the 1% who will say "I'm in!"

The only issue there is, you usually have to cultivate a relationship with these folks and stay in touch with them for months or even years before they even start to seriously consider joining your opportunity.

Now that you know how it breaks down, you can easily start to see how the average networker can get discouraged at the thought of ever trying to call these lists.

Let's face it...
Most of the people in your business aren't the boiler room, hard sales types that can sit in front of a steaming phone and rip through 100-300 numbers in an hour.

Now, here's the kicker...

According to industry lead broker statistics, did you know that 90% of these people calling these leads only get through the first 1000 numbers and then give up without ever thinking twice about making another call from that genealogy list again.

That's the sad truth.

Not to say that this method doesn't work, but the effectiveness of this method isn't duplicated well.
So what is it that these top producers do that enables them to rise to the top of their company in record time??

Here's the answer.


Some of the biggest names in our industry know how to correctly market their opportunity. Just think about it....

Do you really think people like Randy Gage, Mark Yarnell, Robert Allen, or Britt Phillips would sit at home in front of their phone and dial a few thousand leads from a CD-ROM that they bought for less than $50 bucks?


In my next entry I'll throw out some ideas to address this madness and a little bit about how I was able to create a near six figure income business in less than 1 month after years and years of MLM failure.


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